This particular clip is from a larger video showing US soldiers being killed by these squads from Ramadan 1427H to Ramadan 1428H (October 2005 to October 2006). Directed by Samir Ali. "juba the Iraqi sniper' is a myth. 3. Categories Video Shock and Awe Guns and Weapons Equipment Iraq. The Juba videos are compilations from IAI sniper squads in Baghdad. A paper mache head could draw the enemy sniper’s fire, giving away their permission. Forum rules This General Forum is for general discussions from daily chitchat to more serious discussions among Somalinet Forums members. Daily chitchat. A feature-length film, Enemy at the Gates, starring Jude Law as Zaytsev, includes a sniper’s duel between Zaytsev and a Wehrmacht sniper school director, Major Erwin König. However, the latter claim has never been substantiated. Probably the most famous was that of "Juba," a sniper with the Sunni insurgent group Islamic Army in Iraq, whose exploits were touted in several videos released between 2005 and 2007. She had keen eyesight, but her talent emerged as her squad leader gave her personal instruction. This sniper terrorist, as the video posted below shows, was able to kill hundreds of our own servicemen like a coward, from the shadows, in hiding. Finnish Lance Corporal Simo Häyhä, aka "White Death", was a sniper during the Winter War and is regarded by many as the most effective sniper in the history of warfare, being credited with killing up to 705 (505 sniper kills, at least 200 sub-machine gun kills) Soviet soldiers accomplished in … He is alleged to be an accurate sniper, having killed and wounded up to several dozen U.S. soldiers. ... 'Juba the Sniper? With the release and success of American Sniper, Juba’s fans have held him up as a counterpoint to Chris Kyle. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right) The youngest student at the Komsomol sniper school, 17-year-old Russian Klavdiya Kalugina wasn’t a great shot at first. This video proves beyond all doubt that a majority of American deaths in Iraq were caused by Israeli/Rothschild snipers, shooting American troops to piss them off and make them kill Iraqis in a rampage. Juba Sniper. Video and Photos of US Snipers in Iraq. Conflict in Iraq: The sniper who shoots on video Juba, an insurgent marksman in Baghdad, claims to have killed 37 US soldiers - and tapes of his alleged hits are a vital weapon in the propaganda war. U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. By the end of 2005 the Islamic Army in Iraq released a 15-minute video of Juba’s Greatest Kills. The “Central Media Commission” of the “Islamic Army in Iraq” has released the second installment of the “Juba: Baghdad Sniper” series. Juba became a folk hero among many Iraqis due to his role in fighting against the American military in Iraq. Aiming for that lone shot "Juba" was the nickname given by the invading/occupying US forces to an Iraqi pop phenomenon; a sniper who became legendary for his kills in southern Baghdad. Photo Credit. His own estimate is much higher, at 255 kills. Between October 1942 and January 1943, he made an estimated 400 kills, some at distances of more than 1,100 yards. This episode lasts 28 minutes. 22 Nov 2010 | Posted by Member 24541558. As sharpshooters became a daily reality of life in the trenches, soldiers on both sides began developing methods to combat this new threat. He claims to have killed 143 U.S. service members. Confirmed kills and weapon of choice. Which brings us to the American Sniper’s ultimate opposite number: Juba. This is horrible damning footage that could force an end to Israeli/Rothschild aggression as we have known it, Fat chance justice… Häyhä was born in the municipality of Rautjärvi near the present-day border of Finland and Russia, and started his military service in 1925. He was absolutely deadly with a rifle in his hand and is widely known to be the most successful and skilled sniper that the world has ever seen. With Kevin Caliber, Alessandra DeMartino, Toktam Aboozary, Mark Krenik. He's the most decorated First Nations soldier in Canadian history. With 255 kills, 160 of which were officially confirmed by the Department of Defense, Kyle is the deadliest marksman in US military history. The deadliest sniper of WWI was Francis Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa soldier. All of Häyhä s kills were accomplished within 100 days prior to injuries caused by an enemy bullet. SR-25 sniper rifle won US Army Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (XM110 SASR) competition, and today it is being issued to US Army snipers as the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System. Besides his sniper kills, Simo Häyhä was also credited with as many as two hundred kills with a Suomi M-31 SMG submachine gun, thus bringing his credited kills to at least 705. He fires only once and disapperas from his position, leaving behind no evidence of his whereabouts. Juba is the nickname given by American forces to an insurgent sniper operating in southern Baghdad. That included feats such as Juba eviscerating a four-strong marine scout sniper team in Ramadi, in the "triangle of death", all of them with a single shot to the head. They do not know his appearance, nationality or real name, but they know and fear his skill. Sniper Puts End to Iraqi Dance Party. 11 Oct 2011 | Posted by vlogger. There’s more than enough detail in this story about hollow point shells, muzzle velocities, and precision kills from over a mile away to make Second Amendment worshipers quiver jellolike with excitement. He has been credited with a mindboggling 505 reported kills, which is actually the highest number of confirmed sniper kills in the history for any major war. The first part had been released in November 2005, and even warranted an entry at Wikipedia, see here. None he couldnt hit a barn door with a shotgun. 1 decade ago. Moderators: Moderators, Junior Moderators. 1 0. dcukldon. The video, distributed on the Internet and on DVDs sold in Baghdad, credits a lone gunman who calls himself "Juba the Baghdad Sniper." Killer Iraq Sniper Compilation. American Sniper was based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, subtitled, Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History.Chris Kyle is credited with 255 kills, 160 of which were confirmed by the Department of Defense, making Kyle the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. Please do not use it as your Personal Message center (PM). GRAPHIC: Iraqi soldiers enjoy some afternoon dancing until one of them exposes himself to a sniper and is shot dead. Juba (Arabic: جوبا ‎), sometimes spelled Joba, is the pseudonym of a sniper involved in the Iraqi insurgency, featured in several videos.The second of these videos shows Juba to have shot 37 American soldiers. Then U.S. intelligence learns that Juba is coming to America to kill a high-value target from a long-distance shot, so Swagger returns home. ISIS social media accounts quickly noted the link between Juba the Sniper and the new special forces shooters. By mid-2006 all sorts of figures were circulating about his real tally. A soldier in a turret falls in a puff of smoke. "Juba" is the nickname applied to that sniper by the U.S. military in Iraq. An insurgent sniper named Juba was terrorizing Baghdad with precise and methodical shots at allied troops, and it was all captured on film. By some accounts, Juba cruised the capitol’s streets tucked in the trunk of an auto, like the mysterious D.C.-area sniper of 2002, firing at victims through openings in the trunk. Another soldier standing along a road is shot in the head. He was a ghost. the bs become legendary,for hes ability to snipe targets stay conciel.. His weapon of choice was an Mk 11 rifle a modified version of the SR-25 sniper rifle, nicknamed Dirty Diana. Warning - thread Juba Insurgent Sniper might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. According to official Pentagon figures, he killed 160 people, the most career sniper kills in the history of the US military. 705 confirmed kills (505 with rifle, 200 with submachine gun) Was a Finnish soldier who, using an iron sighted bolt action rifle, amassed the highest recorded confirmed kills as a sniper in any war…ever!! One supporter wrote , “long live Juba, Allah Ekber. Kalugina is credited with 257 German kills, but taking her first human life was not an easy task for the young sniper.

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